OXISYC 14 Equipment (Oxy-acetylene welding equipment)

942,59  IVA incl.

Welding and cutting equipment for oxygen-acetylene (oxy-acetylene).


  • 14L Cylinder for Industrial Oxygen filled.
  • 14L Cylinder for Acetylene filled.
  • Trolley with wheels.
  • Acetylene Regulator.
  • Oxygen Regulator.
  • Bitube Hose 4 mts.
  • Welding torch.
  • Safety non-return valves.
  • Welding Tip / Nozzle Oxy-Acetylene No 1 to 4.

(Cutting accessory not included)

The colour of the cylinders may vary.

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Oxyacetylene welding equipment Video

How to use it, items, features and Cutting Torch. You can download the manual in the following link: Download Guide

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Weight 71,60 kg

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