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Our welding equipment

Take a look at our welding equipment Include: Bottles (oxygen and acetylene or butane), trolley, twin-tube hose, oxygen and acetylene/butane torch, regulators (oxygen and acetylene), welding nozzles, non-return valves and instructions.

The oxy-fuel equipment (oxygen + butane) allowed all types of welds, with this equipment can be welded gold, silver, copper, brass or aluminum with the exception of iron, which needs an iron rod.

They are compact and easy to use, for example: refrigeration, jewelry, heating, industry, dental, modeling, handicrafts, plumbing, DIY, etc..

Reaches temperatures of 2500 ° C to 2800 ° C.

Oxy-fuel video

Explainer video of accesories included and launching.

The oxy-acetylene (oxygen + acetylene) can operate any welding and soldering materials could as cast iron, aluminum, magnesium, copper, stainless steel, etc.

They are equipments that allow alloy welds or contribution without any risk of oxidation and decarbonization. They are designed for industry and for carrying out work outside the workshop, works facilities, housing, repairs ...

Reaches temperatures of 3200 ° C to 3500 ° C.

Oxy-acetylene video

Explainer video of accesories included, launching and gas cutting accessories.

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